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A Century of Shadows

Copy of an email sent to my regular group.

This campaign is a miniseries of short episodes surrounding the origin of Delta Green. The time is 1927; the setting is New York, Boston and rural New England.

Everybody chooses one of five patron groups for your character to belong to. While some can be your character's employer, most of them are associations based on your character's interests. Players who've already chosen a patron and Occupation are also noted.

The Hermetic Order of the Silver Twilight, a fraternal organization with an esoteric scrim. The Boston Lodge is located in a large house just on the edge of the city, where many prominent and wealthy members of Bostonian society mix. The Hermetic Order itself is open only to men, but the Order has a daughter-organization for connected women.
     Suggested Occupations: Any except Hobo. Members should have a high Credit Rating, or be from a politically-connected family.
    —Rachel: Dilettante

The Rochefort Detective Agency was founded by a former Pinkerton man in 1905. Investigation is only part of what the Agency does; many employees also provide building security or act as bodyguards for clients.
    Suggested Occupations: Private Investigator, or former Military, Police Detective or Federal Agent.
    —Lily: Private Investigator

The American Society for Psychical Research (ASPR) was founded 43 years ago in Boston to investigate psychic phenomena. The Society publishes a Journal for discussion and dissemination of news on topics as varied as hauntings, esotericism, Spiritualism, Theosophy, clairvoyance, telekinesis, and other strange phenomena.
    Suggested Occupations: Alienist, Antiquarian, Archaeologist, Artist, Author, Charlatan, Clergy, Dilettante, Doctor, Journalist, Occultist, Parapsychologist, Professor, or Scientist.
    —Karen: Charlatan

The Boston Society for Psychical Research (BSPR) recently split off from the ASPR after the 1925 'Margory' case. The Boston group is dominated by those who look to telepathy, hypnosis and more 'scientific' explanations for psychic phenomena, whereas those who remained with the ASPR have aligned themselves, strongly or not, with Spiritualism.
    Suggested Occupations: same as the ASPR
    —Trevor: Professor

Cecile X, owner of the Silver Pen book-shop in downtown Boston and a collector of codices, incunabula, grimoires, manuscripts, antiquities and reputedly haunted objects.
    Suggested Occupations: Antiquarian, Archaeologist, Artist, Author, Book Scout, Bookseller, Charlatan, Dilettante, Forger, Occultist, Parapsychologist

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