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Carol of the Bell

As one of my make-work projects to keep me busy while the GF is away this holiday, I took John Bell's compressed three-page RPG Into the Depths and ultra-compressed it into one page.

Two One-Page Dungeon Templates

Here's two more versions of the 30x30 grid one page dungeon template.

One - Dots

Two - Grid

Free Friday Map, One or Eight Days Late

Another gridmapper map.

Free Map Friday - June 18

Another gridmapper map. If you like these maps, remember to check out my geomorphs, and watch this space for new dungeon map products.

One Page Dungeon Template - Second Version

Free Map Friday - June 10

Another gridmapper map. If you like these maps, remember to check out my geomorphs, and watch this space for new dungeon map products.

Free Map Friday

Another gridmapper map.

Cartomorphs vol 1, now in print

Free Map Friday: Friday's Free Map

Another gridmapper map.

Would anyone be interested in a $3-5 PDF of redone dungeon maps?

Free Map Friday, A Saturday Night Special

Another gridmapper map. This one is a lot bigger than the previous maps, although the total number of rooms is fewer. Also, rooms 5j to 5n are the area below the elevated platform in the middle of 5 (5a-5i).

Free Map Friday — Today!

Another gridmapper map. Because of the results of this poll from last month, I'll be posting more self-contained dungeons here, but I still have a few 'mega geomorphs' to go through first.

Random Deep One Traits

Here's some random Deep One traits.
Misshapen crab-claw instead of a hand.Huge wound removed most of face, leaving only one eye and a drooling hole for a mouth.Writhing catfish-like whiskers or cilia trailing from a fringe around the face.Mottled patches of apparently human skin, including part of the face, but stretched and deformed by the transformation.Thick globs of algae webbing like spiderwebs across protrusions and dripping from the face.Barnacles adhering to the body like buboes.Misshapen teeth like a deep-sea fish, much too large for the face, with sores and wounds where they're injured the mouth.Keratinous or chitinous plates jutting out at odd angles from the body.Vestigial limb jutting out of an irregular protrusion from the shoulders or hips.Mouldy wound where a limb has been ripped off.

Free Map Friday, Someday

Another gridmapper map. This one's a little different: the 'z's in front of doors indicate that that door is a magic doorway to a randomly-selected one of the eight 32[x] rooms in the north-west. I intended that those rooms don't 'really' lie in that area, but rather coexist 5th-dimensionally with rooms 32a and 32b, but it could also be regular 3-dimensionally there as well (giving PCs with access to tunnelling tools an alternate route through).

Free Map Friday Night

Another gridmapper map.

Free Friday Map For Your Dreary Monday Morning

Another gridmapper map. I really need to figure out this scheduled post thing.

This map has the distinction of being one I've actually used, for a section of under-city.

Map Friday Free Friday Map Free

Another gridmapper map.

This Friday: Free Map Friday

Another Gridmapper map.

Free Friday Map

Another gridmapper map.

Free Map Friday

Another gridmapper map.

Free Map Friday

Another gridmapper map.

Free Map Friday (On a Friday This Time)

Here's another gridmapper map. I got rid of the grey because it was hard to read on this particular map.

Free Map Friday Tuesday

I made a thing in gridmapper instead of getting out of bed. Please someone use this so I didn't just waste half an hour.

The Hermetic Order of the Silver Twilight

A campaign frame for Trail of Cthulhu based on material from Shadows of Yog-Sothoth

The 1920s are the tail end of the “golden age of fraternalism,” when almost two out of the every five people in the United States belong to a fraternal society of some kind. Into this stew of Masonic and Odd Fellow's lodges, knightly orders, immigrants' benevolent societies, spiritualist circles and fractured churches of interwar Boston comes the Hermetic Order of the Silver Twilight, a rapidly-growing fraternal society with an esoteric scrim. The Order is gathering a reputation as a place where wealthy nonconformists can discuss philosophy, politics and important matters in a congenial, secluded atmosphere.

The Order meets in a late Victorian mansion on the suburban fringe of Boston. The interior has been converted into lounges, libraries and ceremonial spaces for the Hermetic Order. They meet weekly for a ceremony and dinner; the lodge also hosts talks and readings on occult subjects or form…

Star Trek: The Endless Frontier - Part Three

Compared to parts one and two, these ideas are a little off the beaten track.

In the Praetor's Name
Where: The edge of the Romulan Star Empire and beyond
When: 2364 and after

The D'deridex-class warbird is a city in space; fifteen hundred officers, soldiers and scientists dedicated to serving the Star Empire. As the Romulans' self-imposed isolation ends, you are stationed on the Imperial Romulan Warbird Haarux, on a deep-space mission of strategic expansion of Romulan influence.

Where: The Andromeda galaxy
When: 2400s

Recent strides forward in understanding the transwarp technology used by the Borg has opened up a new frontier for the Federation to consider: the Andromeda galaxy. Aside from the Kelvan incident on Stardate [look it up] and scattered xenoarchaeological finds, little is known about the Milky Way's nearest galactic neighbour. The Perseus Project is a huge Federation undertaking that aims to establish a transwarp beachhead in the Andromeda galaxy, cha…

An Unexpected Landmark

We were a couple of hundred yards from the hill when Long suddenly said to him: ‘I say you’ve left your coat there. That won’t do. See?’ And I certainly did see it — the long dark overcoat lying where the tunnel had been. Paxton had not stopped, however: he only shook his head, and held up the coat on his arm. And when we joined him, he said, without any excitement, but as if nothing mattered any more: ‘That wasn’t my coat.’ And, indeed, when we looked back again, that dark thing was not to be seen.
— 'A Warning to the Curious,' Montague Rhodes James