Sunday, October 11, 2015

Star Trek: The Endless Frontier - Part One

If you average it out over the course of my life, I've spent fifteen minutes a day thinking about Star Trek. And since I was twelve, most of that has been in the context of running a Trek campaign. During those two-thousand seven-hundred and eighty-odd hours I've accumulated a fair number of campaign ideas for games.

Loracus Prime
Loracus Prime
When: Early to mid 22nd century.

This campaign is a sandbox centred on the 'capital city' of the United Earth colony world of Loracus Prime (Loracus being the Vulcan designation). The PCs are administrators, scientists or support personnel charting the planet and maintaining the infrastructure of the spaceport at the edge of human-explored space. The 'capital' is more like McMurdoStation, and the planet is far from an idyllic Class M paradise—it is a vast, purple, bug-infested wasteland.

Dodge Sector
Sectors 28223 through 28400
When: Mid 23rd century

Around Dodge IV and in the frontiers farther out there's just one way to handle the killers and despoilers, and that's with Starfleet Security and the smell of… phaser burns.
You are the crew of the Hermes-class vessel USS Dillon as it polices the spacelanes in the uninhabitable sectors on the deep frontier of the Federation. Miners, prospectors, homesteaders, thieves and hucksters congregate in the recesses of mined-out asteroids and the alleys of boom-towns, and it's up to you to keep them safe from the hazards of space, and each other.

Hunters of Orion
Rigel Sector and the Orion borderlands
When: Mid to late 23rd century

The Rigel sector, between the Federation, the Orion borderlands and the Klingon empire is one of the most populous, and most ancient places in the known galaxy. Tens of billions live on the planets of the Rigel system alone, living over (and in) ruins that date back hundreds of millennia. Living among these teeming masses are cut-throats, thieves, grave robbers, bounty hunters, spies and assassins—like you.

The Knife's Edge
The Organian Treaty Zone and beyond
When: Mid 23rd century

Space… the final battlefield. These are the voyages of the warship Rurik, to seek out new worlds, to kill new enemies, and to see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentations of the conquered. To boldly go where no Klingon has gone before.
You are the crew of the IKS Rurik, a D7 class battlecruiser on a five-year mission to defeat the perfidy of the Federation, the schemes of the Romulans, to find new planets to conquer, and defend the Empire against the aliens who would dare defy it.

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