Thursday, December 29, 2022

Space23 Table Ideas

Someone was talking about alternatives to 'rooms' for an SF-based version of the dungeon23 project, so here's a table of options when you're out of obvious ideas:

Roll 1d6:
1. technological item.
(not necessarily a new technology, but an existing technology used in a setting-specific way. example: ferengi tooth-sharpeners.)
2. ideology. (a belief, either a whole structure or a common opinion or narrative about something in the setting, with an idea of who holds it and why)
3. accident or sudden event. (industrial accident, vehicle crash, disease, toxic chemical release, or just the result of systemic negligence.)
4. minor NPC. ('person-on-the street' npcs for various common locations --- starports, colonies, underhives, ancient low berth colony ships, etc)
5. cargoes. (something carried from one place to another, i.e. *why* a spaceship exists).
6. roll again: 1-4 non-intelligent life form and it's environment adaption/niche; 5 non-generalized robot (like an automatic checkout, roomba, or car assembly robot); 6 specialist program in starship/starport/local planetary networks.

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