Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Random Deep One Traits

Here's some random Deep One traits.
  1. Misshapen crab-claw instead of a hand.
  2. Huge wound removed most of face, leaving only one eye and a drooling hole for a mouth.
  3. Writhing catfish-like whiskers or cilia trailing from a fringe around the face.
  4. Mottled patches of apparently human skin, including part of the face, but stretched and deformed by the transformation.
  5. Thick globs of algae webbing like spiderwebs across protrusions and dripping from the face.
  6. Barnacles adhering to the body like buboes.
  7. Misshapen teeth like a deep-sea fish, much too large for the face, with sores and wounds where they're injured the mouth.
  8. Keratinous or chitinous plates jutting out at odd angles from the body.
  9. Vestigial limb jutting out of an irregular protrusion from the shoulders or hips.
  10. Mouldy wound where a limb has been ripped off.

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