Friday, April 8, 2011

Quick and Dirty Name Generator

The Onomastikon is a great resource, but sometimes I get tired of wrestling with it's geocities-era layout. To fill the gap, here's a quick and dirty fantasy name generator. There's no limit to how long the name may be, but shorter names (maybe three to four letters, or two syllables) is a suggested upper limit. You and your players are going to have to remember them, after all. For the same reason, it's best to start with different beginning letters, and vary the vowel sequence too (so one 'ah-oh' and one 'eh', not two 'ah-ah's, hanging out together).

To start, roll a d6. Even numbers get you a vowel to start, odd ones get you a consonant.

Roll a d6.
4i / y

Roll a d6 twice.

1b / p
2c / k / q
3d / t
5g / j

5s / z
6th / x / w

Finally, if you're trying to tie the names together, you can add a suffix. These suffixes can either call back to real-world cultures the fantasy world is trying to evoke, or simply establish a sense of cultural unity through repetition. Here's some sample suffix lists to get you started.

Marble-Columns and Toga Empire:
-o / io
-alus or arus

Grungy Olde Dark Ages-ish
-ick / wick / rick
-win / in / wen
-war / ward
-erd / herd / hard
-red / rid / fred
-alf / elf / ulf
-orn / urn / ern
-ston / stan
-gar / car
-un / und
-ald / alt / art / eald

Silks, Spices and Stories Exotic Middle East-ish
-ij / iz
-it / id
-gha / kha

Feather-Plumes and Jungle Pyramid Empire-ish
-tli / ztli
-atl / otl
-cha / ach / acha / chel / che
-zin / tzin
-oc / yoc / loc

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