Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A Handful of Dust [Night's Black Agents]

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Here's a redesigned Night's Black Agents sheet put together for a theoretical future continuation/restart/completely new Delta Green campaign I'd like to do sometime in the future.

The basics:

• It's set to DUST mode, so Health is capped at 10 and your starting General Ability points are 55. MOS rules do not apply, and characters only gain access to 8+ abilities marked with the Dust icon—Athletics (Hard to Hit), Hand-to-Hand (Eye of the Tiger), Medic (Medical School of Hard Knocks), Shrink (Talk It Out), and Surveillance (The Wire).

• It's also set to BURN mode, so your Stability is capped at 12, and your Network points are group-size dependant.

Other rules variants that apply:

• The Dunwich Sanction:
Cthulhu Mythos is in and Vampirology is out, so characters have Sanity to lose too. Also added: Fringe Science, Geology, Physics, and Theology. Because this is nominally for a Delta Green campaign, the Bureaucracy General Ability rules from Martini, Straight Up are also in, as is the Pulp-idiom Hypnosis from Trail of Cthulhu.

Special Assets gives us Necrophony (called Medium because I like the old-school Spiritualist sound of it) and Clairvoyance under 'Paranormal General Abilities.'

• And from Rough Magicks, we add the Magic General Ability, too.

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  1. This sounds great. What's your strategy for the overall game world? Is it just running DG using the NBA rules? Or are you mixing and matching from multiple universes?
    NBE has such a great feel to it, rules-wise, I can see it as a full upgrade to the old-school COC ruleset for DG. Great idea!


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